Plum - Plum welcomes our Olympic Visitors with a little taste of home



Plum welcomes our Olympic Visitors with a little taste of home

Thursday Nov. 5 2009

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Qolo Vancouver is a collection of seven graphic t-shirts that tells a local story.

In the spring, Plum held a contest for six t-shirt designs inspired by life on the west coast.  It was an overwhelming success with forty local artists (painters, students, photographers, professionals and enthusiasts alike) submitting their designs. There were many great designs, and it was difficult to pick only seven.

The winning designs are truly unique; inspired by iconic symbols of the west coast like salmon and Dungeness crabs to cultural symbols like Chinese lanterns, city neon signs and the famous Canadian Toque! They are packaged as gifts for the holiday season and for visitors to the winter Olympics.  Plum hopes to give the international tourists another view of our vibrant city that might be otherwise missed in the excitement of the Olympics.

“These limited edition T’s will be very popular.  There is a growing appreciation for local things and you cannot get much more local than these t-shirts,” says co owner Ed des Roches. Plum calls the line Qolo Vancouver, which stands for ‘Quest for local opportunities.’

In addition to designs by six artists, which graphic designer Roberta Cottam adapted for clothing, Plum had the t-shirts manufactured, printed and packaged in Vancouver.  They are only available in the Plum stores and on their website.

The final ‘opportunity’ was to make it a local fundraising project.  “Vancouver’s homelessness is a painful concern for everyone in our city so I asked Dr. Sue Burgess a friend who works in the Downtown East Side, and is close to the homeless issue, if there was an especially deserving program that we could support directly,” says des Roches.  Her recommendation was immediate.

$3.00 from the sale of every t-shirt goes directly to supporting the Powell Place Emergency Shelter which is part of the women and children program of St. James Community Service Society. Contact: (604) 606-0307

Contact: Ed des Roches (Plum co-owner) 604-808-1905

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