Plum - Plum's Katie O'Brien Interviewed for the November 25, 2014 Vancouver Sun



Plum's Katie O'Brien Interviewed for the November 25, 2014 Vancouver Sun

Tuesday Nov. 25 2014

Plum's buyer, Katie O'Brien, was interviewed in the Arts and Life section of the November 25, 2014 print edition and website of the Vancouver Sun. Pictured with the article are the Simone dress in jacquard ponte knit, $139, and silver tone clutch, $45 - all available at Plum retail stores and

Excerpt from the article:

“The dress code on the West Coast leans more toward what I call ‘Comfort Glam,’ ” says Kate O’Brien, the head buyer for Plum. “Women today don’t want to be constricted in their evening wear. So dressing up often involves clothing that is comfortable while still reflecting the dress code of the occasion.”...

“What I have observed is that women are not restricting themselves to a black bag, black shoes and a string of pearls or simple rhinestones,” says O’Brien. “The good thing is that the fashion industry is offering no end of possibilities.”

So, say you’ve got an event after work. There’ll be drinks, maybe dinner, maybe dancing, but you’ll be celebrating the festive season with people you’ll be seeing around the office the rest of the year. What do you do?

“Work to party usually means a time crunch,” says O’Brien. “So best bets are simple separates that act as backdrops for easy accessorizing. The triumvirate for quickly individualizing a look that can be carried to work in a bag involves a fabulous heel, a dazzling clutch and a statement piece or two of jewelry.”


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